Hanalei Bay may be the easiest place in the world to learn surf with it's sand bottom beachbreaks in shallow waters and easy rolling waves it makes for a beginners dream.

   With Hanalei having such a unique shape it makes it open to alot  of swell directions and home to a variety of different waves for all levels of surfers. From beginners to Surfing World Champions, Hanalei has something for everyone.

    When booking a lesson we like to contact guests 24 hours before just to let them know what the conditions will be like and where we will be surfing for the lesson.   Conditions are always changing and we always want to be safe and be in the right spot to score waves.

   Private and Group Lessons are designed based on the skill level of individuals but all the basics are covered. We start with a basic land lesson of standing up technique and wave knowledge of how to enter the surf and layout of the beach.  The time will be spent learning how to ride waves and learning surf technique, building confidence in the waves and most importantly learning the basics of how to catch a wave and SURF.

Lessons are 2 hours with a Professional Surf Instructor.

Surfboard, Leash and Rashguard are provided.